Roach Killer (6 Bait Stations)

Combat SKU: C-CB104
Roach Killer (6 Bait Stations)
Roach Killer (6 Bait Stations)

Roach Killer (6 Bait Stations)

Combat SKU: C-CB104
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Combat Roach Killer 24 hours continuous kill! Kill cockroaches in the nests where they live. Improved formula by adding roaches' loving attractant. Fast-kill efficacy with the use of fast kill active ingredient. Eradicates eggs as well as adult roaches. Replace every 3 months

3 Step Kill

  1. Combat bait is formulated with peanut oil attractant and insecticide, Fipronil.
  2. Infected roach returns to nest and infect other hidden roaches.
  3. Kills all the roaches including their eggs, destroys the entire nest.

Place where you find roaches frequently

  • Place bait stations at:
    1. Dark areas such as storerooms and shoe cabinets
    2. Area where there are food sources including kitchen cabinets, under or behind refrigerators
    3. Near water sources such as under the sink, drains and bathrooms
  • Use all 6 stations/baits
  • Do not contaminate area with other insecticides or detergents

Directions for use

  • Separate Combat Roach Killer bait station from plastic frame
  • Peel off adhesive sticker on the bottom of the disc and place the bait stations where required
  • Replace bait stations every 3 months for continuous killing

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