For A New Way Of Thinking About Nature And Water

A DIY irrigation system tailor-made for the smallest of gardens. Featuring extremely even irrigation, with minimal water consumption and to meet the requirements of any garden, even in case of an irregular shape.




Take the water where it is needed.

Above-ground irrigation is the easiest way to water your plants and the lawn, simply by connecting a hose to a tap and distributing water with a nozzle or a pistol. But remember, to ensure accurate irrigation, it is important to choose high-quality, efficient and long-lasting solutions. Claber offers a wide range of high-quality products, cutting-edge in terms of performance, reliability and ease of use, able to meet every requirement.




Easy, versatile and accurate

Drip irrigation allows you to give each plant the right amount of water, at the required time: an ideal solution for all potted plants, for flower beds and also for the vegetable garden. With the Rainjet® range made by Claber, the largest and most complete drip irrigation and micro-irrigation offer, it is easy to create a "tailor-made" system for the plants in your garden and on your balconies and terraces. This way your plants will be happy and you will save precious time and water.


The garden becomes a place of wellness and benefits

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