Organic Garden Peat 10L

Pokon SKU: SL-PK0421
Organic Garden Peat 10L
Organic Garden Peat 10L
Organic Garden Peat 10L

Organic Garden Peat 10L

Pokon SKU: SL-PK0421
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Pokon Tuinturf is suitable for improving the soil in the garden. Due to its low acidity, it is useful for heath and other plants that ask for relatively acidic soil, such as rhododendrons and hydrangeas.

  • Excellent water holding capacity

  • Slightly acidic pH

  • Lightweight

  • Doesn’t compact

  • Drains freely 

  • Sterile 

  • Holds nutrients

  • Clean to work with 


  • Sprinkle about 5 cm Pokon Garden Peat around your plants every year.;
  • Cover the soil with a layer of Pokon Tuinturf and bury it through the ground;

Pokon Tuinturf is a product that allows you to improve the structure of the soil in your border. Due to the high content of organic matter, the soil becomes more airy, thus retaining water better and creating a lightweight structure. Tuinturf, also known as 'frosted black peat', is a pure natural product from the deepest peat lands. It is 100% organic.

Note: Organic products such as soil and compost are not measured in kilograms (KG) and is sold by volume (Litres) because the actual weight can vary with the moisture content.

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