Sponge (Aspac Floral Foam)

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Sponge (Aspac Floral Foam)

Others SKU: HH-1014
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Aspac Sponge, also known as floral foam, is a dense, lightweight and porous material that can be cut into any shape. It is able to hold a large volume of water and still retain its shape when wet. This allows the sponge to give your cut flower arrangements shape, support, and increased life.

The sponge is also pH balanced to around 6.8 to 7.0, helping your flowers last longer.

Directions for Use:
Cut the sponge to your desired shape then place it into a bucket of water to start absorption. Do not force the sponge into water, let it absorb water on its own. Once the sponge is fully saturated, it will sink to the bottom of the bucket, take it out and it is ready to be used. Push flower stems directly into the sponge to position it, do not poke with knife or fingers.

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