Organic Garden Compost

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Organic Garden Compost

Pokon SKU: SL-PK2579
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Pokon Fertilized Garden Compost is extremely suitable for structure improvement and raising the soil in your border. This compost provides more organic matter in the soil so that the roots of plants can develop better. Do you want to plant new plants? Then choose a good potting soil.

MPS quality mark
This product carries the MPS certificate for sustainability. This means that renewable and circular raw materials are used to a considerable extent. This makes the ground look different than you may be used to.

Instructions for use of Composted Garden Compost
1. Apply approximately 5 to 10 cm Pokon Memeste Tuincompost on your border, lawn or vegetable garden.
2. Work this through the ground.
3. Water.

Pokon MPS Fertilized Garden Compost Bio is a mixture of, among others, garden peat, peat litter, compost, composted softwood bark, lime, and fertilizers. This potting soil is fertilized with Pokon EKO-Mix 10-4-4, this is permitted for use in organic farming in accordance with EU standards 834/2007 and 889/2008.

Note: Organic products such as soil and compost are not measured in kilograms (KG) and is sold by volume (Litres) because the actual weight can vary with the moisture content.

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