Mouse Trap Cage 51x28x70cm SKU: SL-2379
Mouse Trap Cage 51x28x70cm
Mouse Trap Cage 51x28x70cm

Mouse Trap Cage 51x28x70cm SKU: SL-2379
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Mice and rats can cause significant damage in various environments, including living spaces, offices, shops, and industrial areas, while also posing health risks as carriers of disease.

Constructed from durable galvanized thick metal, this trap ensures long-lasting use, thanks to the high-quality material employed in its production.

Ease of use is a standout feature of this trap. Simply arm the trap, place bait on the hook inside, position it in areas prone to infestations, and when the mouse or rat consumes the bait, the trap activates, effectively immobilizing the harmful intruder until you attend to it.

Key advantages of employing this trap include its straightforward assembly, high efficiency in capturing rodents, a modern and aesthetically pleasing design that won't be disruptive when placed in visible areas, and, crucially, the elimination of material damage caused by these pests in your living spaces.

Measurement: 51*28*70cm

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