Mint Plant

Steve & Leif SKU: SL-PWP08
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Mint Plant

Steve & Leif SKU: SL-PWP08
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Potted Mint Plant.

Peppermint is a popular herb that is frequently used in cooking and beverages due to its flavor. It also possesses several medical properties which may help with digestion, colds, flu, diabetes and blood pressure, etc.

Sunlight needed: Direct Sunlight or Partial Sunlight

Water regularly to keep the soil moist but do not sit the pot in water.

Use a dilute solution of liquid fertilizer or sprinkle solid fertilizer over the soil every few weeks for your plant to grow better.

Want a decorative pot?
Purchase this with our Prosperplast Splofy Round Basket Wave Pot (187x158mm) for an elegant and sleek change!

*Note: We do not do transplanting for any plants to the new pot.

*Actual product may be different from the pictures. Customers can request another picture of the product before purchasing it.

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