HB-101 Granule (300G)

Others SKU: HH-3023
HB-101 Granule (300G)

HB-101 Granule (300G)

Others SKU: HH-3023
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HB-101 Granule is the granular version of the Natural Plant Vitalizer HB-101. It nurtures plants slowly and steadily. All you have to do is to mix it with soil. Easy to use, safe and harmless, so it's perfect for organic and reduced-chemical growing.

HB-101 Granule slowly and steadily vitalizes the intrinsic power of plants with its natural active nutrients. It is highly effective for all kinds of plants - vegetables, flowers, rice, fruits, foliage plants, chrysanthemums, orchids, bonsai trees, wildflowers, tea trees, mushrooms, herbs, roses, lawn grass, trees - you name it!

HB-101 Granule also improves the soil environment by increasing the numbers of beneficial bacteria and helps prevent plant damage due to continuous cropping.

Directions for Use: Mix HB-101 Granule with the soil around the roots of plants.

300g is enough for a 165m sq plot.
1 Kg is enough for a 545m sq plot.
6g for a 3.3m sq plot.

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