Gardening Perlite for Soil (6L) >3mm Bigger Granules

Pokon SKU: SL-PK2094
Gardening Perlite for Soil (6L), ,Pokon -

Gardening Perlite for Soil (6L) >3mm Bigger Granules

Pokon SKU: SL-PK2094
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Pokon Perlite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that is popped at high temperatures into this high-quality end product. The airy composition ensures good water and oxygen-containing capacity. Perlite can be used to make the potting soil lighter and lighter so that roots develop better and plants grow better and flower more beautifully. It can also be used as a drainage layer, which improves the water balance in the pot. With this, you can prevent that you give the plant too much water.

Mixing with potting soil:
Mix 1 part Perlite with 3-4 parts potting soil well. You will see that the ground becomes a lot lighter and lighter. An additional advantage is that drainage is improved and roots can develop better.

For drainage:
Apply a layer of a few centimeters of Perlite at the bottom of the pot. Assume about 1/4 of the pot height. Then fill the pot with potting soil. In the case of large, high pots, more Perlite can be added to the pot for reasons of saving weight, provided that the plant has sufficient potting soil for rooting.

Pokon Perlite is made from 100% natural resources that are permitted in organic farming.

Vegetable garden tips
Plants in pots and also plants in your garden need food over time because the nutrients present in the soil are used by the plant. Most potting soils contain food for 2 to 3 months. We advise you to supplement your plants with good plant nutrition regularly.

Remarks: The above instructions & tips are for general reference purposes only. As each plant's health is individual and depends on its species and/or health conditions, plant owners are recommended to monitor the amount to add in moderation.

Note: Organic products such as soil and compost are not measured in kilograms (KG) and is sold by volume (Litres) because the actual weight can vary with the moisture content.

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