BBQ Grill+ Deep Dish & Cutting Board

Char-Broil SKU: SL-CB7064
BBQ Grill+ Deep Dish & Cutting Board, ,Char-Broil -

BBQ Grill+ Deep Dish & Cutting Board

Char-Broil SKU: SL-CB7064
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  • 9 by 14 inch stainless steel pan
  • Robust enough to withstand the extreme environment of your gril
  • Also perfectly capable in your oven
  • Central component of the Grill+ Accessory System.
  • All Grill+ Accessories work with the Roasting Dish and Cutting board
  • Roast, bake or grill perfect meats, casseroles, desserts and more
  • Full transport solution for one-trip cooking.
  • Prep raw foods on the cutting board, transport them to the grill then bring the cooked food back to the table on the clean, interior surface of the Roasting Dish.
  • Marinade foods inside the Roasting Dish, add cutting board lid and store in refrigerator until you're ready to cook
  •  Fully dishwasher safe 

The Grill+ Deep Dish and Cutting Board is a one-trip premium cooking accessory, making it perfect for a wide range of grilling duties. The 9 by 14 inch stainless steel deep dish is robust enough to withstand the heat of your grill but also perfectly capable for use in your oven, making it perfect for roasting, baking or grilling.The plastic cutting board with juice groove doubles as a lid for prep, storage and transport, allowing you to marinate meats and store in the fridge until ready to grill. With the Grill+ Accessory System use each Grill+ accessory on their own or pair for endless possibilities.

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