Potato Gardening Fabric Planter Box (35 x 45cm) Red

Steve & Leif SKU: SL-Z8532
Potato Gardening Fabric Planter Box (35 x 45cm), Planter Pot,BloomBagz - greenleif.sg

Potato Gardening Fabric Planter Box (35 x 45cm) Red

Steve & Leif SKU: SL-Z8532
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Potato Grow Bag Planter: If you thought the only way you could plant potatoes is to be the owner of a big backyard, think again. Growing potatoes is easy with Steve & Leif Fabric Grow Bags Potato Planter, and the taste and texture of homegrown vegetables far exceeds what you will find at the store. The coolest innovation is our Velcro side window flap, which allows you to harvest your spuds beneath the soil one at a time. You can plant hard to find varieties while keeping out the critters and the weeds. Buy some seed potatoes or make your own to have baked potatoes any time of the week!

Steve & Leif Fabric Grow Bags are the perfect solution for your indoor, outdoor, and urban gardening needs. Using air-pruning and root trapping technology, these double layered environmental friendly fabric bags will give you improved growing results compared to traditional plastic and ceramic grow pots.

  • Convenient Velcro front flap, sturdy handles for easy transport
  • Stainless mesh grommets to aid ventilation and drainage.
  • Big soft and sturdy Handles for easy handling.
  • Special double layered breathable fabric to offer superior plant health and growth.
  • Full range of vibrant colours, to compliment your décor.
  • Lightweight, easier to carry than heavy clay pots.
  • Machine washable and easy to fold for storage.
  • Sustainable, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
  • Folds flat for space saving storage


Why are Fabric Planter superior to clay and plastic pots?

  • Steve & Leif Fabric Grow Bags have the latest technology by using a special double-layered breathable fabric that do great things for your plants.
  • The inner mesh layer allows fine hair roots to attach, promoting a more robust system to gather nutrients.
  • The outer layer helps to ‘air prune’, preventing the roots from growing in a spiral so you can avoid to bind up into a root ball.
  • Steve & Leif Fabric Grow Bags help to keep your roots cool compared to a traditional plastic or ceramic pot.
  • Bottom line; your plants focus on flourishing above the soil – giving you a faster growing, happier and healthier plant.

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