Seasoning Your Grill

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Have you just bought your grill recently and decided to start using it? It’s essential to season your grill before using!

We got you covered with some tips on how you can season your grill.


What does ‘seasoning your grill’ mean?


You may be wondering why we can’t use our grill right away after fixing it up. Similar to any new products which are just out of factories, your new grill may have residual paint, manufacturing oils, or metal shavings on it. These harmful substances may be left on your food while grilling. Hence, it’s a safety precaution to ensure that your grill is seasoned.


Seasoning the grill is the process of heating and oiling the grates to keep your grill operating at its best. It will also sterilize your grill and burn off impurities. The oil protects the grates from getting rust and making cleaning an easier job after every use.


When you see your food starts sticking or rust forming on the grates, it’s time to season your grill. It’s ideal to season your grill every few months even though you may not be using it often. This will prevent rust formation and maintaining its non-stick seasoned coating on your grates for every usage.


Instructions on how to season your grill


Here are some steps to season your grill:

  1. Before turning on and heating up the grill, coat all surfaces of the grates and emitters with a basting brush or a spray bottle using high heat cooking oil such as canola or peanut oil.
  2. Clean off any excess oil with a paper towel. Do keep a thin layer of oil coating over your grates evenly.
  3. Lit up the grill and heat for 15 to 20 minutes until the oil burns off or when the grates begin to smoke.
  4. The shiny finish should turn dark brown or bronze. A darker finish look on your grates will prepare your grill to be hotter and ensuring even cooking at every usage.
  5. Once the grill has cooled, apply a light coating of oil after each usage for rust prevention.


Note: For grills with stainless steel and cast-iron grates or equipped with emitter plates, season the grates before and after each use.

Porcelain grates do not require seasoning.


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