Preparing Your Grill Before First Use

by E-Commerce Dept

You finally bought the perfect gas grill, and you can’t wait to use it. But how do you fire it up for the first time? Gas grills are simple to use. Follow this guide on how to prep a gas grill for the first use.



Read Your Owner’s Manual. First things first. Before doing anything, be sure to carefully read your owner’s manual. No two grills are alike. Just because you may have mastered your old gas grill doesn’t mean that knowledge will translate to your new one. Follow the assembly instructions and all safety guidelines. If you’re new to grilling, the manual will help familiarize you with all of the grill’s features. Don’t do anything the manual doesn’t recommend.


Conduct a Leak Test. Test your gas grill for leaks often — at least any time it’s been unused for a while. This will ensure the connection to the propane tank or natural gas line is safe and that the hose is in good working order. If you discover a leak, don’t try to fire up those pork chops just yet. Determine the source of the leak and repair it.


Prep Your Grates. Seasoning, or oiling prevents rust from forming on your grill grates and makes them easier to clean.


Clean and Maintain Your Grill. Proper maintenance and cleaning will keep your grill performing for a long time. Taking a little time to deep clean your grill will pay off. Again, your owner’s manual is your best friend. Remember that maintenance and cleaning are just as important as cooking those delicious spareribs you’ve got marinating in the fridge.

Credits: Char-Broil Official