Offset Smoker VS BBQ Grill

by Ecom Assistant

While shopping for outdoor cooking appliances, you may have pondered whether you should pick a BBQ grill or an offset smoker for your grilling parties. Most people would pick a charcoal grill as you can grill and smoke your food at the same time, with an additional smoker box for a more smoky flavor. However, if you are a meat lover and cooking up for big parties, you may consider getting an offset smoker instead.

What is an offset smoker?

An offset smoker is a grill which grills food at low temperature in a controlled, smoky environment. The smoker consists of 2 compartments: the main cooking compartment and a firebox compartment. The main cooking compartment is a long-grated, metal box with porcelain-coated cooking grates and a lift door built with a smokestack. The firebox compartment is fixed on the side of the main compartment, making it easy to add charcoal or woodchucks while cooking. Most offset smokers are large and you can cook for big parties and gatherings. If you love smoked meats, an offset smoker is perfect for the job to grill and smoke a large portion of juicy meats at the same time.

Offset smoker or charcoal grill?

Here are some considerations to think about before you pick your grilling appliances!

1) How many people are you cooking for?

If you are just cooking for your small family of 4, getting an indoor grill could work out. If you are cooking for big gatherings of 10 ~ 15 people, getting an offset smoker for outdoor grilling will be a good choice.

2) What type of food are you planning to grill?

If it's just a few sausages and burger patties, getting a grill will be great. If it's pork chops, beef ribs, and chicken quarters, a good offset smoker will be necessary to bring out all the juicy and smoky flavors.

3) Are you patient to wait for your food to be cooked?

Offset smoker requires long cooking time to bring out the best smoky taste in the food from low-temperature smoking. If you do not like waiting, getting a grill will be a better option for its fast cooking time.