This Polish brand has been manufacturing high-quality plastic gardening equipment since 1993, and are world leaders in quality and innovation. Their plastic pots come in a variety of sleek, modern designs that are suited for any garden. 


Treat your plants to one of the roomy rectangular planters – a generously proportioned box that ensures plants have adequate space to grow. There is also a variety of pots made in modern designs which are sure to be a hit with minimalists. From solid coloured weave patterns to textured vertical waves, all pots come with matching saucers to ensure colour coordination, but feel free to mix it up as you see fit! Watering systems are also available to ensure your plants are adequately hydrated. The Prosperplast self-watering system is a great solution for busy gardeners who are short on time – the system collects water at the bottom of pots and reduces the need for frequent watering. 


They also stock a variety of plastic décor that is sure to spruce up any garden. From cute picket fences to boxes and storage units available in a range of colours. The fences can be erected to mark garden plots separately, while their gorgeous storage solutions allow you to keep your tools organised fashionably. The garden Lucy is a cute plastic structured bag which can be used for eye-catching storage, but doubles as the perfect shopping companion.