Looking for high-quality gardening supplies and home accessories? Look no further than Epoca. A proud Italian family business since 1968, this esteemed brand has gained a loyal following in over 80 countries with their exquisitely crafted gardening tools – think vibrant colours, ergonomic handles, and tools for every job imaginable.


Hobbyists and homemakers are sure to love the adorable designs of the watering cans and BB bags available. The BB bag comes in a variety of sizes and are easy to use – the perfect storage solution for groceries, toys, and knick-knacks.

The watering cans come in a variety of designs and colours, so feel free to shop around for the one that fits your garden.


While you’re at it, be sure to get your complete gardening tools! Epoca carries a complete selections of garden tools where you can find trowels, transplanters, shovel, fan rake and more. These gorgeous tools don’t only look pretty in the garden, but are specially designed for heavy-duty and easy storage too.


Commercial gardeners are sure to love Epoca’s range of portable spraying guns. The Galaxia and Oceania ranges all feature high volume pressure sprayers that can be carried like backpacks for ease of movement, and are available in exciting shades of green and yellow.


Epoca gardening products are sold in Greenleif stores, most DIY household shops and garden centers in Singapore.