Known as the “masters of water”, Claber has been providing irrigation solutions to their customers at affordable prices since the 1960s. With a variety of above ground, drip, and underground irrigation equipment, there’s something to suit every type of garden. Industrialists and hobbyists alike are sure to find their hardy hoses useful. 

The garden hoses are available in 1/2 and 5/8 diameters. Irrigation tubes are also available. The Hose Reel set comes with an adjustable spray and a space-saving storage solution that allows the hose to be wound up without damage. There are also hose carts that allow for the easy transport of heavy watering equipment. Hose reels are also available on their own for customers looking for an efficient storage solution. The sleek hose reels allow for the hose to be wound up when not in use.

Individual parts of sprinkler systems are also available so customers can choose and build a system that suits their needs. From different sizes of spray nozzles to valves, and water timers, constructing a system that hydrates your plants adequately has never been easier. What’s more, customers can even choose to augment their systems with handheld hoses, pistons, and lances to ensure that they can cover every bit of the garden by hand as well.