Protective Safety Glasses

by Ecom Assistant

Have you been working with power tools for your new DIY projects? Or have you been cleaning up and trimming your garden lawn? It doesn't matter if you are outdoors or indoors. There's always a risk for hazards happening to you while you are working. When incidents occur, the first few things that come into our mind would be to protect our bodies, legs, and arms. However, we tend to take for granted to protect our eyes, which are an important part of us for our daily lives.

Wearing protective safety glasses will protect our eyes from:

  • metal/wood splinters while working with power tools

  • chemical spills from experiments

  • sand, soil or rough objects from getting into your eyes from gardening work

Apart from work-related incidents, it can protect you from harmful UV rays radiated by long exposure to the sun. It could also be used for fashion to match up to our outfits too. It is never too late to learn the importance to take care of our eyes and getting the right gear to protect them.

All of our protective safety glasses are equipped with UV protection.

They are lightweight and available in a variety of colors.

Their lense are highly resistant to scratches and impact. 

All of them are tested and comply with international safety standards (CE EN166 + UV400 + ANSI Z87.1).