Protect Yourself From Insect Bites

by Ecom Assistant

Have you ever been woken up by buzzing sound in the middle of the night? Or feeling an itch on your hands and legs when you wake up in the morning? With Singapore's warm temperatures all year-round, this is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. Just within the 1st 6 months in 2019, there's been 7,000 over dengue and zika cases in Singapore! That's an alarming amount, considering that it's 5 times more of the cases last year. These mosquitoes can be anywhere and here's how you can prevent and protect yourself from them.

Prevention & Measures

You can start by applying mosquito repellent on your clothes or skin. Take caution on not to spray or apply it on exposed wounds and face areas. Wearing long sleeves shirt and long pants also help to cover your arms and legs from getting bites. 

If your house area has many potted plants, remove excess water and change water from them every alternate day to prevent mosquitoes from breeding on the pots. Do cover up bamboo holes when they are not in use too. Drying and turning over water storage pails and containers when they are not in use. If you have noticed mosquitoes around your house for a few days, you can burn essence or repellent oil in your room and spray insecticides in dark corners (eg. under the bed). 

Mosquito nets & Insect screen

However, if you are still getting bitten after doing the above measures, there's another solution to help you. Getting insect screens for your doors and windows may be an extra step to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house. In recent years, insect screens are getting more common and easy to obtain and fix by yourself. There's no screw or drilling needed to fix them and it's easy to put it on your windows and doors. The DIY insect screen set consists of a fiberglass mesh, PVC long and short stripes, corner holders, extension and holding clips, adhesive and grooved magnet strips. 

You could purchase them separately as well if you ever need a replacement for these accessories. Apart from mosquitoes, these insect screens can protect you from other pests such as spiders and beetles and lizards from entering your house too. It can also protect your pets from falling out from windows and getting out of doors. With an easy pull at the bottom, you can flip the insect screen aside to open your windows.