Outdoor And Indoor House Makeover Essential: Artificial Carpet Grass

by Ecom Assistant

With the arrival of a new year, you may have thought about getting a house makeover for a new feel. If you are thinking about going with 'natural' surroundings, you may consider trying out artificial grass. Artificial grass can be used as wall decorations or flooring carpet for both indoors and outdoors. 

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

✦ Save water
✦ No dirty tracks or muddy soil
✦ No weeding, mowing, fertilizing of the grass
✦ Low Maintenance and waterproof
✦ Soft and even texture, similar to real grass


Types and Sizes of Artificial Grass

We have 2 types of artificial grass: Green and Realistic.

Here are the sizes that are available for purchase:

▶ 1m x 1m

▶ 1m x 2m

If the above choices aren't the sizes you are keen on, fret not!

We can customize them for you here.

Caring for Artificial Grass

Whether you place them as wall decorations or carpet floorings, you have to clean them to prevent dust and dirt accumulation. For grass that is placed as wall decorations, you can rinse them with water using a hose once per month. For grass that is placed as carpet flooring, it's recommended to rinse them weekly if it's been stepped on regularly. Alternatively, you could use a lawnmower or lawn broom to help you to remove debris. If you have pets who love to use these grass patches as their restroom, rinse your carpet grass immediately to dilute and remove their waste residues to prevent odor.