Organizing Your Mini Garden

by Ecom Assistant

Whether you live in apartment buildings or landed houses, you tend to see your neighbors, or even yourself, having clusters of potted plants along the corridors/entrance of the house. As we expand our love for gardening, we tend to accumulate a number of potted plants over the years. Sometimes, it's too overwhelming that it becomes hard to tend to them too. 

Getting a plant rack will help you to organize these potted plants. You could place the rack indoor and outdoor for your convenience in tending your potted plants easily. With its minimalistic and sleek design, it could add to the interior and exterior design of your house too! 

Made of galvanized steel, it won't rust and it's last-longing. The rack is heavy-duty and could carry several heavy pots without problems. It also comes with 4 wheels, making it portable to be shifted outdoor and indoor at any time. 

The poles at the back of the rack are suitable for climbing plants as well. There's also a holder for your hanging plants too! With a variety of choices to organize our potted plants, this plant rack is pretty helpful as home decor and organizer. Now, you don't have to worry about pots clusters around your house anymore!

These movable plant racks also comes in smaller sizes to fit smaller space like corridors.