Gardening Essential: Multi-purpose Gardening Bag

by Ecom Assistant

In your gardening journey, you may have gotten a number of gardening tools and accessories to work on your plants. If you are looking for something to store them without the hassle of taking them out from your gardening storage box or cabinet all the time, you will be in good hands with our multi-purpose gardening bag!

Our multipurpose gardening bag is designed to be similar to the modern urban lifestyle hand-carry bags that we use in our daily life. Apart from using it as a storage bag, this gardening bag can be used for grocery shopping and outdoor activities such as going to the beach and having a picnic. 

The bag is made of strong elastic-plastic material and it is very durable and waterproof. The bag comes with a big handle for you to hook them on the wall and hold them easily when you want to shift it around.

Our multipurpose gardening bags are available in 3 colours: Lime, Blue, and Pink!

The dimension is 47.7 cm x 19 cm x 35.7 cm.

Limited stocks are available. Get Your Multi-purpose Gardening Bag Now!