How to Use a TRU-INFRARED Barbecue Gas Grill

by E-Commerce Dept


When cooking meets technology, Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared™ grill are at the top of the list in the market. The TRU-Infrared cooking system are excellent in preventing flare-ups while retaining the juiciness of meat.

The grilling technology has changed over the years of innovation by Char-Broil. With some practice and useful tips, everyone can achieve the most desirable meat that's grilled to perfection!

1. Plan ahead! That's most important thing to think about before you start cooking. Organize your food according to cooking techniques and the required time.
2. Pre-prep your food by coating a layer of high heat cooking oil evenly on every piece.
3. Loving the sear marks on meat? Those are best made on fresh sections of the grill.
4. Ensure meat are fully cooked on one side before turning it over to minimize flare-ups. It also helps to retain the meat juiciness and creates nice sear marks.
5. Fancy adding some sauce or glaze for extra flavors and gloss? Brush it on during the final ten minutes of grilling to prevent burn.during the final ten minutes of grilling to prevent burn.

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