How to Light Your Gas Grill Manually

by E-Commerce Dept

Congratulations on getting your Char-Broil BBQ gas grill!

Before you get started with the sizzling part, we’d like to share with you the important details about your gas grill because, safety first.


You may have already know, most of our Char-Broil BBQ gas grill have a built-in igniter button for convenient and speedy start-ups. For some very unlikely case when the igniter didn’t work, you can still light the gas grill manually.


If you had done this before, that’s awesome! Otherwise, follow these simple steps and save your barbecue.


How to light your gas grill manually?


Step 1:

Open the gas grill lid. If the gas has been turned on with a closed lid, turn off the gas and wait a few minutes for it to dissipate first.


Step 2:

Locate the lighting hole on the side of the grill and a match holder that hangs on a chain under the grill. Put a match in the coiled end of the match holder before lighting it.


Step 3:

Turn on the gas burner nearest to the lighting hole and place the lit match down through the grilling grates to ignite. You should see the flame on first burner.


Step 4:

Light the burner next to it by turning on the burner knobs, starting from left to right. After all the desired burners are lit, you can use start using it. In the event if any of the burner fail to spark, turn all burner knobs to “OFF” and wait for few minutes before making a second attempt. 



Do not attempt to light the gas grill when the lid is closed.

Do not lean over when lighting up the grill.

Keep children and pets away from grill when it’s in use.



Video tutorial Credits to Char-Broil®

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