BABA Fertilizer Funnel (10pcs/Pack)

Baba SKU: SL-8235
BABA Fertilizer Funnel (10pcs/Pack), ,Others -

BABA Fertilizer Funnel (10pcs/Pack)

Baba SKU: SL-8235
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BABA No.310-A Fertiliser Funnel is a fertilizer container that has holes to allow fertilizer solution to flow through while watering and prevent them from being washed away by the rain, ensuring that your fertilizer does not go to waste. The fertilizer funnel has a flip lid that locks and can fit enough granulated fertilizer for a small tree. It can be used with granulated fertilizers and slow-release fertilizers such as Osmocote.

Each piece is 4.6cmØ x 7.6cmH.

Directions for Use:
Fill the fertilizer funnel with the recommended amount of your choice of granulated fertilizer (leafy/flowering/growth),  close the lid, then stick the fertilizer funnel close to the stems of your plants. Ensure water can flow through the funnel unobstructed by the leaves of your plants during watering. Monitor and refill as required. When changing fertilizer, simply discard the residue left in the funnel.

Not suitable for garden galore or bone meal.

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